JLK Global Inc is a company with a difference. Its philosophy stems from the refining of business theory and best practices over the past three decades . John Krier (JLK) wanted to create a model for a company which can define honesty, integrity and, most importantly, true value adding for the timber industry.

Our transportation and timber trading businesses are grounded in this model. Consulting is limited to advising managers and executives how to find their own solutions by redefining their place in the industry through simplification of processes and broadening strategic thinking. Specific applications will include forecasting, marketing, and increased flexibility in production concepts.

Guiding Principles:
  1. Honesty and integrity create long term rewards.
  2. Sales should have only one purpose: problem solving
  3. You are not adding value unless a winning result is created for all parties in the transaction.
  4. You will belong in the production and supply chain only as long as you are adding value.
  5. If you combine best practices with these principles long term profitability is the inevitable result
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